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Rose grounds



roseground The traditional Rose Ground is made as in the pair-diagram on the right.


An easy way to make a variant on a Rose ground, is by changing the corner stitches, indicated in blue in the picture on the right. See the following examples of ground 0502. Of course, there are more possibilities, e.g. lctcr and rctcl. The first two examples, without a cross at the corners, are a diamond net ground.



Other variations can be made by “doing nothing” on the sides, indicated in green in the picture on the right. If both pins on top and bottom (red in picture) are replaced with only one pin in the middle, we’ll get a Paris ground. See stretched Paris ground. Some of these variants can also be made as diagonal nets.

Rose ground

Slavic ground

slavicground The traditional Slavic Ground is made as in the pair-diagram on the right. It uses the same pricking as the Rose Ground.


A variant on the Slavic Ground.

Stretched Paris ground

stretched paris ground

Rose ground in a diamond

By putting the traditional rose ground unit in a diamond, little stars can be made.
Please note: when making the actual lace, it will make a big difference if the unit in the middle is made torchon-style or flemish-style, as the picture illustrates. Ground 0112 looks like a star.
Ground 0504 is used as illustration of different ways to join the unit in the diamond.

photo-0112-torchon photo-0112-flemish

Roses with vertical

roses with vertical